The team

Beachescolas especializes in fusion of language learning nautical activities  and cultural experiences living on the beach. Our Camps and Courses offer a diverse mix of Spanish and English practices, windsurf and catamaran lessons, fun workshops and surf trips customized for each group.Spain and Portugal hs a rich-based culture and we evoke this important history of explorers and fisherman.      

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Adam Griffins
Windsurf Instructor
Alva Murphy
Windsurf Instructor
Amaury Arlotto
Windsurf Instructor
Aoife Peters
Camp Instructor
Austin Cloyed
Ciara Glover
Diletta Bruge
Camp Counselor
Elyse Venne
Camp Counselor
Fernando Gallego
Web Master
Franny Kyle
Gabriel Nogueira
Beach Office
Windsurf Instructor
Guus Visman
Windsurf Instructor
Ida Marie
Camp Counselor
Jorge Maciel
Head Center
Leonardo Vieitez
Noah Crosson
Camp Instructor
Sven Flament
Tono Teixeiro
Designer by Fun and Water
Vanesa América
Beach Office Head