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Cangas de Morrazo, Spain


Campamento en Inglés

Beachescola Limens organizes from the last week of June to the last of July, 5 weekly camps specialized in nautical activities aimed at students from 10 to 14 years and 15 to 18 years (Adults + 18, August & September). The entry takes place on Sunday afternoons and ends on Saturdays before lunch. We select fantastic facilities on the beach introducing the student to a coexistence on the beach with the practice of languages. The ocean, nature and water sports create the perfect atmosphere to learn while enjoying. Our international faculty will introduce you to the world of water sports and other games such as paddlesurf, catamaran, beach volleyball, snorkeling and surf trips. If you're looking to spend a week of fellowship with a "surfing" atmosphere practicing English on the beach Beachescolas may be an option

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It's fundamental to be comfortable and sleep well after a day full of new experiences and being in the outdoors. We sleep in our wonderful Beach House on Playa de Limens.

Our Beach Houses are spacious and consists of bedrooms with bunk beds to divide students by age and gender. House facilities include a pool area, a basketball ring,outdoor kitchen, a ping-pong table, a balance zone,outdoor showers and spacious common areas to relax, hang out, and practice Languages.

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The team

Members of our international team come from across Europe and the Americas. All of our instructors are bilingual and their objective is to fully immerse students in the Spanish culture through language and exploration. Our staff has an array of backgrounds with degrees ranging from marine biology to exercise science. All counselors are experienced and receive annual First Aid classes to ensure the safest environment for students.

Our curriculum focuses on sailing, marine studies, and Spanish culture. Students will learn practical skills such as windsurfing, water safety, and sailing knots. Other classes will focus on the ecosystems, Spain's nautical history, threats to the ocean, and environmental protection.

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Limens Bay - Galicia

Nearby attractions are numerous. With in walking distance of house area a coastal trails leading to a Roman lighthouse and old fishing villages.

Other nearby destinations include the Cíes Islands National Park, Santiago de Compostela and Baiona, where Columbus Pinta docked after the firs voayage to América

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In  Beachescolas  we are passionate about everything ocean-related and do a variety of nautical activities including catamaran, SUP, surf, kayak, fishing, and snorkeling. We also offer a variety of trips and land activities to appeal to the interests of all students.

Fun and games form a part of everyday life in Beachescolas. Out of the water we enjoy ourselves playing beach volleyball, soccer, basketball, and other team sports. We also offer creative workshops based on the arts, the natural world, or exercise. Each week we divide groups into teams for a scavenger hunt and mini-Olympics.

Standar Schedule

We organize our days with a combination of Spanish classes, windsurf lessons, workshops, games, free time, and excursions. We stick to a schedule during the week and create a fresh pace on the weekends as we explore new areas of Spain!

9am-10am: Breakfast

10am-11am: Spanish/English Class 

11am-2pm: Windsurf/SUP/Catamaran 

2pm-5pm: Lunch and Free Tme 

5pm-8pm: Daily Activity 

8:30pm-10pm: Dinner 

10pm-12pm: Free Time 

12am: Bedtime

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Our  trips take us on adventures to explore the hidden treasures along the Galician coast. Trips are aimed to be interactive and educational. Students will learn the local way of life from fishermen, historians, and through visits to cultural centers. Destinations include: Cabo Home, the Cies Islands National Park, Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, Pontevedra, and the Maritime Museum.

To ensure that students receive a true Spanish experience we embark on  excursions during their stay. This provides students with a taste of the city life, local traditions, and the natural wonders of Galicia. Destinations include a national park, a fishing  and surf trips.

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Can I go to a camp if I've never done nautic activities   or my English or Spanish  is not high?  The answer is yes. To participate in our summer camps only needs be older than 10  and  to know how to swim. Do not worry if you do not speak other languages ​​well, we are here to practice and help you.

How are they and how long are the classes in a summer camp? 
Every morning after an hour of nautic activity language theory class,we are two hours practising on the water windsurfing with monitors. In the evenings you can are free to use  the material in designated areas always under control of our rescue boat or instructor and you can participate in scheduled as tours, cruises and activities on the beach and in our facilities (surfing, fishing, canoeing, paddle surf, Volley activities beach, pool, basketball, ...)
The faculty of the Summer Camps are Spanish,Germans and Americans and the English is the official language throughout the camp.

Do the summer camps and courses are held in safe areas? The center are located in safe and suitable for navigation areas. School have rescue boat and security features such as VHF stations between monitors and centers, good materials and first aid and emergency protocol.

What kind of monitoring is in a summer camp? 
Adult supervision, monitors sleep in the center. Students are watched and controlled for instructors  and we have marked timetables and spaces to have some freedom which they may not be transferred without the presence of an adult supervisor. We have a few simple rules of conduct and safety that students must comply can be expelled if they break, in this case the student will return home without the right to any refund.

How are the rooms in the summer camp? Sleeping stayed in separate areas for girls and boys bunks, in the middle are the rooms of the monitors that control the activity at the Beach House.

What I have to carry my backpack ? 
ID card or passport
Social Security Card
Private medical insurance card, if you have.
No forget to bring the authorization we send via mail, properly filled and signed by parent / guardian. It is essential to start the activity.If, you need medical treatment, remember the medication. As for the clothes, we will be all day in and out of the water, the beach, the pool, ... so you'll need beachwear, shirts, shorts, bathing suit and flip-flops. At night you can refresh, so we recommend bring some warm clothes, a jacket or a sweatshirt and sport shoes.Do not forget to put a bath towel, another beach, sunscreen and sunglasses.

What do I need to get into the water? Just bring your bathing suit, we will provide all necessary materials, in addition to the wetsuit.

Is there a minimum age to go to a camp or course?  To participate in the camps  the minimum age is 10 years .

Can I bring my stuff? Yes, Beachescolas gives you all the necessary equipment, but if you have your own material and would bring no problem, certainly your own personal equipment (wetsuit, booties, gloves, life jacket, harness ...) will be better if you are already habituated.

How they are collected and outputs in a camp? If you want to hire our shuttle pickup and delivery in Vigo (airport, train or bus station) or in Cangas (Puerto) you must confirm with the center before travelling to know exact times of arrivals .

What kind of payment do you accept? Payment of the amount of camp or course can do it by bank transfer previously filling up our booking form.It is essential to the entire amount of the camp or course paid to start the activity

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Beachescola Limens S.L.
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